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Foster Report

Please complete this form within two weeks of getting the dog and provide as much information as possible. Please submit updated reports when there have been any significant changes. For initial report, please answer as completely as possible. For updated report, only provide information that is new or updated.

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Is the dog friendly/accepting toward (check all that apply):

 Men  Women  Teenagers  Children
 Toddlers  Strangers  Small dogs  Male dogs
 Female dogs  Cats  Other animals  Walks/leash
 Riding in the car      

Does the dog show any shyness with people (i.e. hiding or running away)?

 Men  Women  Children  Seniors

Where is the dog kept when you are gone?

 Crate  Free-roam  Outside  Other

How much does the dog bark?
 A lot
 Very little

How much does the dog shed?
 A lot
 Very little

How much does the dog drool?
 A lot
 Very little

Can you brush the dog?
 Have not tried

Can you clean the ears without a struggle?
 Have not tried

Can you clip the dog’s nails without a struggle?
 Have not tried

Does the dog (please check all that apply):

 Eat well  Counter surf  Guard food  Gulp food

Are there particular foods which the dog prefers?

 Grain free  Puppy blend  Specific formula  No special food

Serving size per feeding:
 1/4 cup or less
 1/4 to 1/2 cup
 1/2 to 1 cup
 1 to 1.5 cups
 2 or more cups

Number of feedings per day:
 1 time per day
 2 times per day
 3 times per day
 Free feed

Does the dog appear to know basic obedience (check all that apply)?

 Sit  Heel  Know his/her name  Walks nicely on leash
 Stay  Down  Comes when called  Rides well in car

Is the dog house trained?
 Yes, free roam
 Yes, with crate and monitoring
 Yes, but sometimes can't hold it
 Not yet, but working on it

If you are using a crate, how long is the dog generally crated?
 1 to 2 hours
 2 to 4 hours
 5 to 8 hours
 8 or more hours
 Only at night

When crating, does the dog (check all that apply)?

 Whine  Bark or howl  Dig  React normally after initial period
 Sleep  Loves kennel    

Does the dog like:

 Toys  Bones  Chewies  Treats
 Wrestling  Petting  Sitting on laps  Getting on furniture
 Belly rubs