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Love for Life

Saturday, April 15, 2017: Love for Life Fundraiser

Hotel Monaco

Come celebrate our shared Love for Life! Our seventh annual silent auction and dinner this year will be in the Grand Ballroom at the Denver Athletic Club, 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO 80204 from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. This event is historically our largest fundraiser of the year and we have lots of great items for people to bid on to help us raise much needed funds. Auctions include jewelry, travel, spa, wine and spirits, and much more. There will also be merchandise for sale and a photo booth to capture the spirit of the night.

Tickets are $75 per person and included in the ticket price is a three-course dinner and an open bar for the first two hours of the evening (cash only bar after 7:30 pm). There are several delicious menu option and dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request when purchasing tickets. Read more about the event.


We ask you select the ticket option with the $2.50 donation to help offset our credit card processing fees. After purchasing tickets, you will be directed to a page to specify your meal choice.

Ticket Options

Send your check along with a completed menu form to:
Life is Better Rescue
PO Box 19159
Denver, CO 80219


To pay by credit card over the phone, without using PayPal, please email Michelle to set up a time to call.

Don't forget to complete the menu form it is available as a downloadable PDF or an online form with any ticket or table sponsor purchase.

The Gift of Love

Joy Sleeping

There are some parts of rescue that are harder than others; some stories that just hurt a little more. Seniors typically get to us because they've reached a point in life where they should be in retirement - sleeping the day away with a family that cares for them. Worse are the ones that were abandoned because their time is nearly up, and whomever had been charged with that duty just decided it wasn't something they felt like doing.

That is, to us, the worst form of abandonment. When an animal has given their all, been through thick and thin, and now just wants the care they deserve as they transition to the next be intentionally abandoned, or "lost" and never sought so that the owner doesn't have to do the right thing and just makes that a shelter problem. No one wants to be left to die in a situation like that, and if they have loved you at all, they shouldn't have to either.

This sweet baby we have named Joy. Because it is our intention to give her as much joy as we can in the time she has left. Hospice fostering and rescue is a kind of emotional hardship that you feel compelled to do because it is the RIGHT thing. And even though it inevitably takes a piece of your heart when they pass, it's a part you are willing to give gladly knowing you make their last moments filled with love.

This Christmas holiday, we want to share OUR Christmas miracle. Joy is 14, is partially deaf, does not see well, and has cancer. She has arthritic hips, very few teeth, and adoration as deep as those soulful eyes. We give to Joy a home, a family, and the love she has earned. She will, in the end, be cared for as she should.

Joy Sitting

We want to thank Denver Animal Shelter for giving her the chance to come to rescue for her final days. We want to thank her foster family for graciously giving their time and their devotion to a soul that will likely not be with us for very long (knowing your heart break is rapidly approaching is not an easy thing to sign up for.) We want to thank the volunteers who have photographed her, groomed her, and helped her enjoy the time she has left.

And we want to thank ALL of you who share this story. Who respect life and the commitment of ownership. And especially any who donate to help us continue to help these animals in need. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation in honor or as a gift for the holiday - please see our paypal link to the left.

Donate While You Shop

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Please note on your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping.


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