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Life is Better Rescue is a foster based organization. Although this means that we have very little overhead costs, it also means that we can only show our animals by appointment. It also makes it difficult to show multiple animals at a single location, other than a litter or as animals that are being fostered in the same area.

Our experience has taught us that animals adopted together are generally more difficult to train well and have a harder time bonding with the new family, so we do not adopt multiple littermates (either cat or dog) unless there are special circumstances. We don't mind setting up an adoption for another animal at a later date, but we will generally only send one animal home at a time.

We do not have the capability to ship our animals.

Please note the best way to contact us is via e-mail. If you are interested in adopting an animal from Life is Better Rescue, please submit a completed adoption application form. We are unable to evaluate your adoption request unless this form has been submitted to us. Completion of the application does not guarantee adoption of an animal from Life is Better Rescue.

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Echo Echo Echo

Echo is a 3 year old wolf hybrid/shepherd mix that was transferred from an unsafe situation from out of state. She gets along great with other dogs, and while she is currently cohabiting with felines, she likes to chase (and we want to make sure they stay safe, so a cat that knows better than try and stand off with a dog would be important.) She is working on crate and house training, knows some general obedience (like sit) and is one of the most beautiful animals we have ever rescued. She is currently about 58lbs, but is quite thin (and we expect her to put on another 10-15lbs as she fills out.) She is much more domesticated than not, and does not act wolfish (so if you were looking for a dog but enjoyed hybrids, this is your gal.) Echo is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and tick treated, has been dewormed, and is heartworm tested negative. We all care deeply for this gorgeous animal, and are hoping she can find the most amazing next chapter in her life. The restrictions for owning a hybrid would be as part of your county, and if you have any HOA type issues. Please consider researching that before you submit an application. She is $250 to adopt.
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We have many kittens in rescue right now all at different stages of development. We take new kittens to PetSmart #1457 every week. They are typically there and ready for adoption by Friday in the late afternoon. If you are interested in a kitten, please contact the store about who is currently available and get on the pre-approved application list if you are wanting a specific look or breed mix.
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Kylie Kylie Kylie

Kylie is a 3 year old wheaten mix that was saved from euthanasia. She is as sweet a girl as they come, and needs someone who understands that non-shedding dogs are a commitment to keeping coats maintained. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and tick treated, dewormed and heartworm tested negative. She seems crate and house trained with monitoring, is getting a professional groom, and would love to go to a family that makes her an active participant. She gets along great with dogs and kids, but has such a laid back personality, we thinks cats won't be an issue. Kylie is $250 to adopt.
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Leandra Leandra Leandra

Leandra is a 5 month old border collie that was rescued from a high kill area out of state. She is an absolute lover of a pup who is looking for a family that will train her and keep her busy (both her brain and her body.) She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and tick treated, dewormed and is working on general obedience as well as housetraining. She does very well with other dogs and kids, and would likely do well with cats if the introduction was right. Leandra is $300 to adopt.
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