The Best Things in Life Are Rescued



My husband and I received our first dog in March of 2010. It was my dream dog, a great dane, and the first dog he had ever owned. We were lucky enough to bless Stewie for the rest of his life, which turned out to be a short eight months. In November of 2010 Stewie began to limp around, ultimately we found out he was dying of Osteosarcoma, cancer in his leg that had spread throughout his body. My husband and I made the painful decision to say goodbye to our first pet. We’d been married three years with no children, so he was the closest thing to a child we’d ever known. After Stewie passed I swore I would never get another dog again because it was just too painful to even think about.
And then I saw a picture of Beau eight months later.

We had decided to start discussing the idea of getting another dog (a dane of course). I looked around all of the U.S. and called on many dogs. None of them seemed to be the perfect ‘fit.’ I came across the Life Is Better Rescue website and saw a picture of Beau on a red chair. Immediately my hands cupped my mouth in amazement, “This was him!” I filled out the application, sure that he’d already been scooped up by someone and I would be too late.

I sent a picture of him to my husband and he fell for him too. I eagerly awaited any response from the rescue, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up, just in case I was too late. The call came at 7:30 that night. I spoke with Renee Laposa for awhile about our history with Stewie and how our hearts had time to heal and were ready to love again, and we desperately wanted Beau to be the one we loved on.

Renee Laposa, from LIBR and Crystal Oneal, Beau’s foster mother, did so much for Beau in the beginning of his life that I feel a deep connection to them as I do for my new boy. Beau had developed Parvo in the beginning of his life. Because Crystal Oneal and Renee Laposa fought to keep this young pup him alive, I found a new son. What a testimony to caring for animals that many may have been given up on somewhere else!

The adoption went smoothly and everything fell into place perfectly. Georgia met me down in Denver (I’m in Loveland, CO), and everything was signed and Beau got to come back to his forever home. He is our well behaved little goof, and definitely Daddy’s little man when it’s time to play, and mama’s boy when it’s time to cuddle on the couch. Wow. We are blessed. Thank you LIBR, thank you.

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