The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tucker is doing great! Him and big brother Rufus are inseparable, he was the missing piece to our family. He's and absolute joy and delight to be around!

Update March 2013

I thought you might enjoy a couple new pics of Tucker. He just loves this toy hedgehog. It makes the most irritating sound you have ever heard but he loves it! He had just gotten a haircut in the one with my granddaughter. He thought it was a little too short and I agreed. J He is so happy and is enjoying life like he probably never did before. He has gained some weight and is very healthy. He gets to go to play with my sister's dog every day while I am at work and loves running from one end of the yard to the other as fast as he can. LOVES the snow. I usually can't get him to come back in from the snow. He's my little treasure. Thank you and LIBR for all you guys do.

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