The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for saving our sweet boy, Tucker Frank Boddingham Longbottom Kisiel! Tucker has been such a perfect addition to our small family. He brings joy, smiles, and out-loud laughing everyday. He is quite the character.

I was heart broken last fall when my 13-year-old blood hound/lab passed away. He was my best buddy and saw me through some of the roughest times of my life. I was certain I wanted another Lab to try and fill that empty space in my heart and home. My sister-in-law found Tucker on your website and was convinced he was meant for my husband and I. After meeting the little monkey of dog, I knew she was right. Adam and I adopted Tucker that day, May 26th!

I still had Wrigley (my blab's) giant stuffed duck. Tucker's first night in our home, he cuddled right up to the duck, absolutely melting my heart. Tucker sleeps with the duck every night still! Though he loves to gnaw on all of his toys, he has never chewed on the duck. I like to think he knows that the duck is something really special that a very special dog loved it before him. It seems like Tucker and Wrigley are kindred spirits, even Tucker is whopping 25 pounds, and Wrigley was mere 110 pounds.

Thank you so much for connecting Adam and I with such a great, funny, cuddling, vocal, curious, happy critter! He has truly filled our home so much joy!

Please enjoy the attached picture of Tucker in his winter attire, as he rides very close to the ground and gets quite chilly up here in Summit County!


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