The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

It was love at first sight when I stopped to pet Gladys (Sami at the time) at the Pearl Street Farmers Market last October. I could not resist her adoring eyes and calm demeanor; I came for veggies and left with a dog. Now, I can't think of what I did before she came into my life. Feelings from a hard day at work just melt away when a 50-pound wiggly ball of excitement greets me at home. I find myself laughing more than ever before. Who wouldn't chuckle at a dog making a nest out of couch cushions or hunting flies in the apartment? Gladys is the perfect companion for all my favorite activities, everything from camping and hiking to cuddling up with a good book. With Gladys, there is more balance in my life, I know my neighbors (well, at least their dogs), and I can't help but feel full of love when my day starts and ends with a dog curled up at the foot of the bed. Life is better with Gladys.

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