The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Thank you Life is Better Rescue. We adopted Oswald on June 22, from your Denver event. His name was changed to Trigger (which for some reason, it was the only name he would come to). He had his first vet check up and the vet said he is in good health, needs a little more weight on him, so he is currently getting (lucky dog) boiled hamburger with his meals. We wanted to send you this photo, to show how happy he looks, and is fitting right in with the family. He is so loved and he gives so much love we are truly blessed. Here he is with the Minnie's (min pins Lily and Tike) basking in the sun, the Minnie's are enjoying their new brother.

So thank you Life is Better Rescue, for making The Allen Family complete. We love Trigger, and he is in the best hands.

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