The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

We adopted Greta in November 2013 at around 8 weeks old. She immediately started to pal around with our then three year-old daughter, and make friends with our other two dogs and cats. She's moved onto advanced obedience with PetSmart and she's a very quick learner - but she also still has a lot of that puppy energy and likes to cause a little mayhem sometimes! While we don't think she's a Bernese mix (maybe shepherd and border collie?) due to her thin frame and herding instincts, she's been a great fit for us. Greta is spunky and goofy and absolutely loves everybody. She also loves the morning routine of bounding into our daughter's room to wake her up for school. When our 15 year-old dog went on the decline this past summer, Greta would lay next to her quietly and give her comfort; then, she really helped our 10 year-old dog get over her depression after losing her long-time best friend. All in all, we couldn't imagine our family without her.

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