The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

I thought you might like an update on Turbo. We did keep his name Turbo. We considered changing it but since he was responding already to “Turbo”, we didn’t feel like it was fair to him to change it. Now that we have had more time to experience his high energy, we realize how appropriate the name Turbo is!

I am attaching a couple pictures of Turbo and his “siblings” so that you can see for yourself that they are all getting along just fine. Turbo is especially fond of our lab. She too was a rescue dog and never really learned to play. Turbo has been so good for her as he “forces” her to play with him and won’t take no for an answer. She is extremely patient with him and it has been so rewarding to see her play back with him.

We absolutely love Turbo. We are so glad that we decided to adopt him. He is very intelligent and has been fairly easy to house break. He doesn’t appear to know that walking on 3 legs is not normal! He jumps off the couch and climbs up and down stairs without hesitation.

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