The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

My family adopted Isla the Puggle. What can I say besides she is amazing! She has gone from being really timid and hard to approach to playful and running around with her tail up. We have 2.5 acres and when I take her for a walk around our property and she catches a scent and runs she comes running back as soon as I call her. She has been amazing with our daughter too. She has a little bit of separation anxiety but has been doing much better. We are home all the time so it is tough for her when we leave the house. She seems to be doing better each time as she realizes I will be back. She cries even when my husband is home and I leave for an hour to go for a bike ride. But like I said she is doing much better.

Thanks so much for allowing us to bring this dog into our family. We are so happy with her!

PS The leash training and the house training has been a piece of cake. We take her on long walks every day and she is doing great!

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