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Foster Home Application for Kittens

Please complete this form to be considered to be a foster home. All information is for our records only and will not be shared with potential adopters.

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Are there any special circumstances with people in the residence or that will be visiting? (ie - wheelchair, walker, special needs, deaf, blind, afraid of dogs, other)  No     Yes

Please list any pets living with you – including species, breed, age, sex, if altered, if they have food aggression and if they are current on their rabies and distemper vaccine.

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Do you keep your pets current on vaccines?  No     Yes

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Do you foster with any other rescue/shelters?  No     Yes

Please note we ask that you don't foster animals with those agencies while you are currently fostering animals with Life is Better Rescue. This helps prevent problems with sickness/aggression issues between animals.

How long are your animals alone on an average day? 

Do you have reliable transportation and are you available to come to the Denver/Lakewood area to drop off/pick up kittens?  No     Yes

Do you have experience in bottle feeding?  No     Yes

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