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Foster Home Application for Dogs

Please complete this form to be considered to be a foster home. All information is for our records only and will not be shared with potential adopters.

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What type of home do you live in?

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If you have a backyard, is it secure?  No     Yes

Please list all people living with you – including ages and gender.

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Do you have frequent visitors to your home (ex: small kids playing etc)?  No     Yes

Are there any special circumstances with people in the residence or that will be visiting? (ie - wheelchair, walker, special needs, deaf, blind, afraid of dogs, other)  No     Yes

Please list any pets living with you – including species, breed, age, sex, if altered, if they have food aggression and if they are current on their rabies and distemper vaccine.

Species Breed Sex Age Spayed or
Rabies &

Do you keep your pets current on vaccines?  No     Yes

Do any of your pets have a communicable disease?  No     Yes

If yes, please describe:

Do your pets get along with dogs?  No     Yes

If not describe the type of dog they don't get along with.

Do you foster with any other rescue/shelters?  No     Yes

Please note we ask that you don't foster animals with those agencies while you are currently fostering animals with Life is Better Rescue. This helps prevent problems with sickness/aggression issues between animals.

How long are your animals alone on an average day?

Do you have reliable transportation on weekends?  No     Yes

Are you usually available to drop off foster animals to weekend adoption events?  No     Yes

Please note many of our events are in the Denver and Littleton areas.

Are you able to bring the foster animal to the Littleton area for meet and greets with potential adopters (the date and time would be arranged to best fit schedules)?  No     Yes

Please describe any scheduling restrictions you may have.

Are there day(s) of the week that you are unavailable to take your foster to meet a potential adopter? Please check all days that you are unavailable.

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What is your ideal length of stay for your foster and do you have a limit on availability to foster?

Are you looking to adopt directly from fostering?  No     Yes

Are there any types of dogs you are unable to assist (please check all that apply)?

 Puppies  Seniors  Mill rescues (or other severely shy dogs)  
 Large breeds  Small breeds  High energy dogs  

Do you have a non-shedding requirement?

Do you have the ability to provide additional exercise for the animal (please check all that apply)?

 I will take them for daily walks  I will take them running
 I will take them hiking  I will take them to a dog park (off-leash/on-leash)

Would you be interested in receiving training with your foster to help educate yourself to be a better animal owner - as well as to help the animal learn better manners increase adoption success?  No     Yes

Please list any breeds you specifically love.