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When we first got word about the kitten Boots, it was with some urgency. She and her sister, both barely 2 weeks old, had been dumped in the night drop box at the municipal shelter. One of the kittens had had her rear feet cut off but seemed to be otherwise healthy. Of course, at 2 weeks old, neither kitten could survive for more than day on their own – they needed to be bottle fed and stimulated and kept warm. Life is Better has worked hard on saving tripods and even cats with only two fully developed legs, so this little bundle didn’t seem to be the most terrible of burdens.

So Boots was saved. But her rescue was not over just because she was spared euthanasia. And it wasn’t over after she grew big enough to eat on her own. Boots’ road to recovery has only just started, and we need your help to make sure she gets where she needs to go.

The doctor’s have confirmed that her limb amputations were not as the result of a birth disorder and were not naturally occurring – both bones are quite ragged and the exposed nerve endings cause her pain as she grows, gains weight, and tries to walk on what are essentially exposed nubs. Our best guess was that she was either closed in a door or perhaps caught in a recliner as it came upright – not intentional – but certainly being dropped in the night box at the municipal shelter not a humane solution either.

She will eventually need surgery to clean up the ends of her legs, and to help with the permanent fitting of prosthetics. In the meantime, she now wears "house slippers" to help to teach her to walk with her back straight, to keep her muscles from atrophying, and to help spare her the pain of walking on the painful ends of where she should have tiny kitten feet.

While this story of survival could be about any kitten, Boots happens to be special beyond her disability. Certainly, she is only one kitten. A tiny body of flesh and bone, but with a heart and personality that is bigger and more resilient than her life trauma could ever hope to destroy. She burns bright with the fire of an animal that will not give up to pain or the difficulty of a challenge. And she is surrounded by the love of a foster family that is dedicated to her recovery, by a rescue that is determined to see her healed and into a forever home, and by her own tenacity to never give up trying, even when she is forced to do things (like walk in ridiculous looking booties) to help her development so that she grows into a regular cat without additional issues.

Here is the part of the story where we need your help. To properly treat Boots, we need to go beyond her current physical therapy, her current prosthetics, and look to what her long term future is going to hold. Our vets at OrthoPets (a leading clinic in animal orthopedic and prosthetic technology) have outlined a medical plan that will take over a year to get Boots to where she needs to be to live life as a "normal" cat. All in, we’re looking at well over six thousand dollars between various rounds of devices to help her walk as she grows, with the final goal to be surgery and a permanent set of prosthetic feet.

What we’re asking is that you help us get Boots for Boots.

The idea is simple – if everyone donated even $1 – and then passed this story on to their friends – the cost of Boots’ care could be covered. In fact, were there a surplus, we would hold such money in a fund especially earmarked for animals like Boots’ – those that need an additional extra special something to help make their outsides match their insides – bright and shining and WHOLE in a way that allows them to lead a normal and pain free life.

Could you help us get Boots for Boots? Even just by sharing this campaign, you can make the difference for a single cat, and any number of other animals we may be called upon to help.

What’s $5 or more if you can make the dream of a pain-free existence for a cat like Boots a reality for the rest of her days?

Please consider giving today – to help give Boots a better tomorrow. You can donate easily through PayPal or Colorado Gives using the buttons below.

Thank you for your time and generosity!

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