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Adoption Application Form

To be considered for one of the animals in the LIBR program, please complete the following adoption application. We are not able to hold applications. If you are interested in adopted an animal, you must submit a new application even if you have been approved in the past.

We strive to make the go-home process as efficient as possible, which means this animal may be able to join your home within the next 72 hours. However, as a result of this some animals may appear available on our website that are actually pending. If that is the case, we will attempt to reply to your application or inquiry to let you know the status of the animal.

Understand that the needs of the animal come first - and as such we will be checking references and may include a potential home visit as part of the adoption process. Our primary goal is to match up animals with living situations that are best suited for their longterm care. We appreciate your interest in our organization.

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Please describe your living situation (ie: do you have a house/apt/condo, a fenced yard, dog run, etc.)

Please list all people living with you – including ages and relationship.

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Have you or any other person currently living (permanently or temporarily) at your residence been charged with any crimes against animals or of domestic violence?*

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Who will be the primary caregiver of the animal?

What do you and your spouse do for a living?

On average – how many hours a day will the animal be alone?* 

Where will the animal be when left alone?*

How do you plan to exercise and toilet the animal?

Please describe your ideal pet – including shedding/activity levels, age, sex, breed, etc.

Do you have specific goals in mind for your future pet?

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In the event that you have to relocate – what would your plans entail for the animal?

Have you ever owned a cat or dog before?*

If so, please briefly describe:

Has everyone in the residence agreed to caring for the animal – and for the costs associated with caring for a pet that will live for another ten or more years?

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Please provide us with three non-family references. If your vet is willing to be a reference, we require one additional reference. However, by providing three, you are helping us process, and hopefully approve, your application as expediently as possible.

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I have read and completed all questions on the application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Life is Better Rescue will rely on the answers that I have provided to process this application for adoption and that by submitting this document I am not guaranteed approval. In the event that false information is discovered, LIBR reserves the right to reclaim possession of the animal.

Applicant Signature* (Please type your first and last name as acknowledgement of above.)

Before clicking submit we highly recommend you print this completed form and bring it with you to the adoption event.