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Welcome to Denver, Pitties!

Congrats to Denver for Repealing its Breed Ban Legislation!

We are so happy and thrilled to announce that Denver citizens have finally overturned one of the strictest breed bans in the country, and now pit bulls and terrier types are no longer illegal within city limits.

This means you will likely see an increase in the number of pits/pit mixes we take in as our fostering availability just greatly increased.

What it means for you: if you are looking at a pit or pit mix to adopt from us, we will still need to confirm that you do not having housing or HOA restrictions on the ban. Please have that information readily available when you submit your application. Although Denver will allow these dogs, it does not mean that every apartment complex or insurance carrier will be so generous, and we want what is best for everyone.

Additionally, if you have experience with the breed, please include that information in your application.

Again, congrats to Denver on this historical event!

Three Words That Are Easy to Say

DeeDee loves I and Love and You dog food!

It takes a village, and we are so proud and humble to be supported by ours. I and Love and You is a Boulder based pet food company that uses wholesome ingredients to keep pets well fed. When they heard about our attempts to keep Denver Animal Shelter and other municipal shelters free of animals of all ages, they stepped up and donated more than a pallet of their food to help us send home with fosters. Here, you can see one of the Denver shelter rescues, DeeDee, is ready for her dinner (and that she loves being fed ILY).

In times of crisis, we look for the helpers. This great company is one of our helpers, and we would encourage you to check out their awesome line of pet food and treats, and by helping support them, you also help support us!

Thanks to everyone as we work together.

Life is Better Rescue is committed to helping the shelter pet population find forever families and new beginnings, and nothing about that has changed in these current times. For those who aren't aware, Denver Animal Shelter (among others) has had to shut its doors to adoptions.

This means dogs and cats who could be in a home can't be unless someone like us steps up to the plate. As of writing this message, Life is Better has removed approximately 50 canines and felines from the shelter environment in 72 hours.

How can you help?

We need foster homes. We need folks to make calls and process applications. We need adopters and donors and supporters that understand any gift, whether it is one of volunteering time or a donation of money and supplies, is what's going to help us continue to provide safe haven for animals in need.

Want to help make this world a little better? Email and in the subject line, indicate what it is you think you'd like to be doing. We will attempt to get back in touch as soon as we can.

As a community, pulling together is what will get us through. In the meantime, if you want to make an active positive difference, here is your opportunity.

Thanks for making these things possible.

Flower Power

Flower Power

If you're planning on adding curb appeal to your yard this spring, consider browsing our Growing Green Flower Power catalog. 50% of sales will be donated to Life is Better Rescue. You can have your order shipped right to your door.

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Life is Better Rescue is partnering with BarkBox to bring you savings and your pups joy. Get $5 off any BarkBox subscription and support our rescue! For every coupon used on, our rescue will get a $15 donation from BarkBox. Be sure to use our special promo code: LifBBX1.